How a classroom in a Junior High School in Japan looks like

Today, I am going to post a video of a classroom in the junior high school that I teach in Japan. My school is one of the oldest in the city and people had told me before that the facilities are quite old. I have seen the classrooms in other schools and they are slightly better  my school but the arrangement and furniture are mostly simlar. My school does not have projectors installed in the classrooms so everything is taught using the chalkboard. This is one of the things that caught me by surprise when I first came to Japan. Normally, when people outside of Japan think of Japan, they will think of it as nation which boasts of cutting edge technology. Sadly, that only applies to Tokyo. The education budget is still a small part of the national budget. There was news that every school in my city will be given 20 i-Pads this year but I wonder if the teachers know how to make good use of them.

This is my first attempt at taking a video for my blog. It was fun but more difficult than I thought. Will make a mental note not to shake the camera so much next time!


3 thoughts on “How a classroom in a Junior High School in Japan looks like

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